sunnuntai 17. toukokuuta 2015

Agility results

This week we ran in two agility competitions five courses.

14.5 in Helsinki we got two clean runs and won the other. We have lately been struggling to gain good feeling and co-operation during the courses and I think now we finally had that. I am very happy and Maisa did awesome job!

15.5 in Kotka we ran three courses and two of them were so good that I can't be disappointed in one dropped bar (5 p.) and one denial in other course (5 p.). In jumping course I was so late and made wrong decisions but end of that course was very good too. Courses were not easy, they were made by Sandra Deidda from Italy.

So now we have one LUVA (I don't know what it is in english) result from agility class 2 and lots of nice prices :)

Kuva: Seidi Koskinen

Kuvat: Siiri Rantala

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