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Maisa's relatives

Just for your information, Maisa is really keeping us waiting. Now has been exactly 270 days since her last season. Those times bethween her first, second and third seasons has been 240 and 257 days. So you can imagine that I am quite nervous already ;)

But meanwhile I am going to continue introduction and now something about Maisa's relatives.

Maisa is an interesting mix of two traditional bordercollie lines, her mother comes from USA and her father comes from UK.  In those pedigrees you can find true working dogs for example Kennels Blazin’ (USA), Astra (UK and Scotland) and Cloverhill (Ireland). So all her relatives are 100 % working and herding farm dogs.

Blum Ridge Hanna and Astra Jai Ho are both owned by Ewa Lukasik, kennel Never Never Land in Poland. http://www.bordercollie.pl/

Jai is Ewa’s number one frisbee dog and has also trained agility. Jai is very strong, stable and reliable dog and like Ewa says: “bomb sure”. He doesn’t get upset or nervous in any situation. He is also very friendly and gets along with both humans and other dogs. Also his litters have been healthy and with good character. No health issues has come up either.

Here you can see a short video clip of Jai Ho:

Maisa's mother Hanna is little bit softer than Jai. She is more like Maisa herself, willing to please and humble workaholic. Hanna came from USA to Ewa when she was a little bit older. Ewa has done some herding with her when she was younger. 

Maisa has four siblings, two brothers and two sisters. Zara, Bishi and Jake are living in Poland and Tampa in a goat farm in Croatia. Tampa is owned by Alen Marekovic, kennel Mawlch. Alen is known internationally as agility coach and judge.

Zara, Bishi and Jake are all active frisbee, agility and obedience dogs. Here you can see some videos of Bishi and Jake.



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